My latest Bible study, Everyday Obedience—a 4-week study of Colossians 3:1-17is my favorite of the Everyday series. Why? Because this passage is FILLED with critical theology that must take up residence in our heart and minds if we want to experience life-long transformation and intimacy with God. Truths that will truly transform your spiritual life.

I’ve said it again and again, and I’ll say it as long as I have breath—the greatest measure of spiritual growth is NOT what we look like on the outside. The yardstick of maturity in Christ is how accurate our view of God is. Because, actions can be faked. Behavior can be modified. But seeing God for who He truly is? It alters us. Understanding the truth of all He’s done for us so that we can be in His presence and enjoy Him forever? That is life-changing.

In Everyday Obedience, I’m not going to waste your precious time by piling up more commands for you to heed. I have no desire to give you yet another list of rules to follow. Besides, I’m assuming you already have more than you can manage. Throwing more obstacles into our path will not help us toward victory. More rules do not intrinsically lead to more obedience. Simply trying harder doesn’t work.

You and I can never obey perfectly. Ever. The rule-following, try-harder life leads to either burnout and frustration, or self-dependence and man-made righteousness. Neither of which leads to the abundant life Jesus promises.

In this easy-to-use, 4-week study, you’ll learn how to let go of the lifestyle of guilt-based behavior and discover the secret to a joy-filled, shame-free, everyday obedience. Each day’s work can be completed in as little as 15 minutes a day and it will teach you how to study the Bible as you work through it.

I’ll be leading an online group through Everyday Obedience and I hope you’ll join me! I’ll have daily check-ins for you and live videos to cheer you on along the way. There is a thriving, amazing group of women in the Bible Study Hub—a private Facebook group I’ve created to encourage and equip you to ENJOY God’s Word. All you’ll need to do is join the Bible Study Hub (I’ll send you right to it once you fill out the form below and confirm your email!) then grab a copy of Everyday Obedience. You can purchase one at your local LifeWay store (call ahead to make sure they have it in stock!), on Amazon (Prime ships QUICK!!), as well as several other online retailers. Nook, Kindle, and ePub versions are also available for immediate download.

Links above may include affiliate links. At no additional cost to you, I receive a small portion of your purchase. Thanks for your support!

Join the Online Study Group

  • WHAT: Studying through Everyday Obedience (4 weeks – 5 days a week – 15 minutes a day!))
  • WHEN: October 23rd – November 17th
  • WHERE: Bible Study Hub Facebook group
  • HOW TO JOIN: Fill out this form, and then purchase a copy of Everyday Obedience.
  • BONUS GIVEAWAY!!: Leave a comment below and share this post with a friend! I’ll pick a random commenter and social media sharer to receive a package of goodies!!


33 replies
  1. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Question? This is my first “everyday” study. Is the book one that you would write in? Like with question/answer sections? This will determine if i purchase a hard or digital copy. Thanks!

    • Nicole L.
      Nicole L. says:

      Yes, these are books that you write in (though you might need a journal for some extra space for some of the exercises). It’s the reason I decided not to get a digital version. 🙂

    • Katie
      Katie says:

      Yes, Nicole is correct. There is journal space available. Depending on how large you write, it may not be enough room for you. Many use a journal because they like to keep their studies in one place.

  2. Nicole L.
    Nicole L. says:

    So excited for this study! I loved Everyday Faith, so I’m really looking forward to going deep in Corinthians.

  3. Jane
    Jane says:

    Totally excited to do this study! I’m a small group leader at our church and we are going to be doing this study in the spring. Thrilled to get a head start on it with Katie as the guide!

  4. Stacy Wiley
    Stacy Wiley says:

    I actually just finished the study, but I’m still looking forward to thinking through it again!

  5. Ashlee
    Ashlee says:

    I’m looking forward to invigorating my faith. I found out about you through the amazing “Moms Struggling Well” podcast.

  6. Troycia Webb
    Troycia Webb says:

    Excited to join this study and share it with a friend. Sometimes we work so hard for acceptance when all you have to do is just trust and obey Him. In a season of learning to trust Him, leaning and depending on Him to guide me everyone.

  7. Becky
    Becky says:

    This is the first Bible study I’ve done in along time. I’m hoping it will be a springboard to getting back to reading my Bible every day. Thank you Katie for creating this resource!

  8. Donna Castanon-Hildebrandt
    Donna Castanon-Hildebrandt says:

    I just got the book in the mail and can’t wait to start. I am going to read through the first part while on a road trip.

  9. Barbara
    Barbara says:

    SO excited to do my first Bible study with you, Katie!! Forever grateful that our dear ‘mutual friend’ Amy Hale ‘introduced’ us!!! 🙂

  10. Candace Leach
    Candace Leach says:

    This will be my first Bible study to do via FB so I am excited to get started with you! 🙂


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