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What do I need to know about Acts?

FOCUSed15 Podcast - Episode #15 (Season 2) I love the book of Acts. It is filled with rich and important history and truth applicable to our everyday experience of Christ. Where the Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) were the story of…
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How can I keep from taking a verse out of context?

FOCUSed15 Podcast - Episode #14 (Season 2) None of us tries to do take a verse out of context, yet we all inevitable do. We might read into a verse something that it wasn't intended to speak into. Other times we miss important key truths the…
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How many verses should I study at one time?

FOCUSed15 Podcast - Episode #13 (Season 2) We've covered consistency, translations, time, commentaries, and more. Today let's chat volume. Have you wondered how many verses you should study at one time? Is just one enough? Or should it be…
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What do I need to know about the Gospel of John?

FOCUSed15 Podcast - Episode #12 (Season 2) We come to our last gospel episode. We hit Matthew, Mark, Luke, and now it's John's turn. We hope you've found these quick episodes an informative and helpful starting point to your study of a book…
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Should I be using commentaries?

FOCUSed15 Podcast - Episode #11 (Season 2) Today we're discussing commentaries! Chances are, you probably teeter between one of two extremes when it comes to using one. Some check the commentaries and study notes in their Bible right away.…
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What's the big picture of Scripture?

FOCUSed15 Podcast - Episode #10 (Season 2) I spent a lot of time reading and studying the Bible as if it were only a collection of random stories about God and how I am to live, instead of seeing it as one big beautiful masterpiece. But that…
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What do I need to know about the Gospel of Luke?

FOCUSed15 Podcast - Episode #9 (Season 2) There are loads of gems in this 15 minute episode! Chris and I continue on in our What do I need to know about ... episodes. We've covered Matthew and Mark so far. Now it's Luke's turn. Listen in to…
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How much time should I spend when I study my Bible?

FOCUSed15 Podcast - Episode #8 (Season 2) In this age of detailed Pinterest instructions and blog posts galore, there are no shortage of "should's" and "how-to's." Though the extra details can be helpful guidelines, we must be careful not to…
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What should my quiet time look like?

FOCUSed15 Podcast - Episode #7 (Season 2) Whether you realize it or not, we all have expectations and pictures of what the "perfect" quiet time looks like. Though we certainly need to be careful not to give in to the paralysis of perfectionism,…