Stuff. I am amazed at how quickly it all accumulates. Our first home was a great townhouse. Loved it. 3 bedroom, 1,900 square feet, and no yard work for Chris. It was perfect for us. Then God called us to Atlanta and we moved into a great 4 bedroom John Weiland house in East Cobb. It was a grown-up house. And big. We quickly filled up that house, and when God called us to move back to Florida, just two years later, we had to get rid of A TON of stuff.Until we knew exactly where we would be long-term we would be living with Chris’ parents who had graciously opened up their home to us. Chris’ brother would also be living there while he waited for his house to be built. Whatever we held on to would have to go into storage. As we faced this major downsizing it made it a bit easier to get rid of things. We still kept more than we truly needed, but it was crazy the amount of stuff we sold or gave away.

5 am yard sale. This was ALL OURS.

We are currently in a three bedroom house, about 1,200 square feet, and have been in this house for a little over a year. I am already feeling the need to purge. Our garage is overflowing with stuff we don’t use. There is clutter in every room. And now that I am a bit more on the ball with laundry, our drawers and closets are stuffed. HOW DOES THIS HAPPEN SO QUICKLY?! I thought I had learned my lesson. Ha!

I have thought about giving a certain online cleaning/decluttering schedule another try, but I can’t handle all the emails (and advertisements!)  I enjoyed the structure and challenges to keep up with the messes but I just haven’t felt like it would be a good fiyt for me right now.

Enter Project Simplify.

I am loving challenges like these which include blogging. Something about knowing all of you out there will be along for the ride motivates me. Stay tuned!

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  1. Nina Turner
    Nina Turner says:

    Perfect timing!!! I helped Troy do a little de-cluttering in his office then came home and did our desk! Chuncked a bunch or old business stuff I'd been holding on to for 2 years! Can't wait to work along side of you! But you know me… don't hold your breath for pictures! LOL


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