I wrote this post a little over a year ago, as a guest post on another blog. It came to mind, after reading my friend Emily’s post, Reflections on Water. She is in Mapou Village, Haiti, where I travelled to last summer. They are truly becoming desperate for rain. Their crops are dying, their cows, goats, and donkeys are dying, and the people of Mapou village are becoming weak as they wait for rain.

As you read, will you pray about how God might have you be a part of His provision for these thirsty people? You can pray, you can give, and you can stay updated through Emily’s blog.

Thanks, friends.


I need a new pair of black shoes. My Kia needs new tires. Mac Mini is on its last leg.

My heart can run wild with a list of endless “needs”. Yet, just a few short weeks ago I witnessed true need and received needed perspective on wants versus needs.

The people of Mapou are not concerned with coordinating shoes for their outfits. Living in the rocky village is a family who can‘t afford to buy their five children each a pair of shoes. Without shoes, they cannot attend school.

The villagers do not have cars to buy tires for or computers to repair. They don’t even have electricity.

Their needs are much more simple. Food. Clothing. Shelter. Water.

These people desperately need water. Without water they cannot cook, wash clothes, or bathe. Without water, crops fail and bodies thirst. Without water, they die.

The village of Mapou has no running water. They have no well. No river. No springs. They are utterly dependent on rain.

These people are not worried about tires, black flats or how much ram to get in their new computer. Their concerns are much more about weather patterns and rain gutters.

They don’t pray for a good deal to pop up at Walmart, or their favorite team to win a championship.

They pray for rain.

When the rain comes, they rejoice.

If it doesn’t come soon enough, they start walking until they find another village with a surplus and a willingness to share their precious resource and bucket by bucket, they bring it home.

How often I am guilty of looking over the fact that all of my needs are met. Needs that have been met every single day of my life. It is too easy to focus on what I don’t have, instead of rejoicing in what I do.

Ultimately, we are all dependent on the rain and the One who is gracious enough to send it. I am thankful for His grace and gentle correction, when I lose sight of what my true needs are.

What about you? Can you imagine being so utterly dependent on the rain for survival? Am I the only one who struggles with putting wants in the category of needs? Let’s chat about it in the comments.

And, if you have a moment, would you leave a comment of prayer over at Emily’s blog, for the people of Mapou village? Let’s plead on their behalf!

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