I know it has been quite a while since I wrote you last. Life has been full, in all the good ways.

We moved back in November. My husband accepted his first lead pastor position, at Pioneer Baptist church in Harrodsburg, KY.

Life here in Harrodsburg has been very good for me. I love the town, the people, the schools, and especially our church. It is an incredible blessing to be with men and women who love God’s Word and follow His Spirit.

It feels like home, and as if we’ve been here longer than 5 months!

Back in February, while faced with the deadline for next year’s homeschooling registrations, Chris and I decided not to continue homeschooling. This was a difficult decision in many ways, but once the decision was made I was incredibly relieved.

Partly because I longed to know our future path, but I was mostly at peace because the weary part of me is looking forward to a soul-rest. It has become obvious that this full-time homeschooling momma thing is not for me. And, as much as I want it to be, it just isn’t. We will continue to take things a year at a time, a kid at a time, but we are certain that God’s next year plan for us is public school.

So, my focus now is to embrace the calling toward the public school system and to prioritize and maximize the time I do have with my kids. I’m looking forward to the Super Summer Challenge we are hosting over at HelloMornings, and really having a solid plan for my time with the kids.

I weaned off the depression medication a few months ago. I passed the one-year mark, which is what my doctor wanted me to get to before weaning. The process of detoxing from the meds was not super-fun, but I would do it all over again to be on this side of things. I certainly still have my hard days, but it is a different story. I no longer feel stuck and hopeless for change.

Health is my pursuit. Physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health. It is hard to give up my Dr. Pepper and white carb binges, but it’s time. It is still hard to get up early to spend time in the Word, but I strive. My lungs burn and my muscles ache from the classes at the gym, but it’s worth it.

God has been so incredibly good to carry me through the last several years. The more I come out of the cloud, the more I see how bad it really was. And the more thankful I am to His grace, and my sweet, incredible husband who carried so much — and still does — as I find my way.

I have been feeling God’s leading to start writing here in this space again. So, while I don’t know how often I will write, I do know I’m back.

Thanks for sticking with me! I’d love to know who is still out there, and what YOU are up to! What is God teaching you? What is the latest news on your journey? Click here to leave a comment.

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  1. Stacey
    Stacey says:

    I love when Kaite Orr writes! I have missed you here.

    My only issue with your journey is that now you don’t stop by my house. 🙂

    Love how God is moving in your life!

    • Katie Orr
      Katie Orr says:

      Thanks, Stacey! I do miss getting to stop by to see you and your sweet girls.

      Glad we still have the online space to hang out!

  2. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    Hey Katie!

    Thank you for being so honest! It’s very refreshing! My hubs and I decided to not even try homeschooling because we both knew it was ALOT of works and time at home with mama. THIS mama needs her some alone time! They need separation too. I pray you enjoy having your kiddos at public school. I pray for you to love their teachers and that their teachers are excellent!

    In Him,

    • Katie
      Katie says:

      Thank you for your prayers, Jennifer!
      I am excited about public school! You are wise to know your limits and needs.

  3. Linda Woods
    Linda Woods says:

    Dearest Katie, oh how you have been missed. But we welcome you back into our ‘cyberspace’ embrace. One day years ago, i was walking on the beach collecting shells and rocks. my thoughts said, “some of us are meant to be rock solid rocks, and some of us are meant to be delicate shells.’ Each created with a purpose. I’m writing, (actually the words are done, just waiting for the graphics inspiration) a children’s book “Bea…..a butterfly”…its about a beautiful, delicate butterfly who is encouraged by a high-flying eagle to come up and join him, high and mighty and strong in the sky. Higher than any true butterfly ought to be. We are not all meant to soar on the strong currents of the wind. Some of us are meant to drink deep of the sweetness of flowers. To feel the sun. and the thing about that, Katie, is that for the first time in my life (still a journey) that was ok. I don’t have to be super-mom, super photographer, super artist….super anything….i saw myself as i was created and it was okay. .I just have to be ‘deep’. If The Shepherd was capable of bruising, He would be full of bruises because of my clinging to Him. So, i am learning to be content to be a butterfly. So very blessed that you are back. Kentucky is a beautiful place to be. You are a treasure. Stay deep. Blessings and prayers, Linda

    • Katie
      Katie says:

      Thank you, Linda! Can’t wait to hear more about your book.

      Thanks for sharing your heart. Love this image!

  4. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    Yay! So glad to hear all that’s been going on off-line. Praising God with you for all He’s done and is doing!

  5. Susie Cantrell
    Susie Cantrell says:

    Hi Katie!
    Well, precious friend, Welcome Back! Love being able to read your heart-words where they are not restricted by #counts! Looking forward to hearing more.
    I needed some encouragement to return to my Blog. Thanks for being authentically, beautifully, Katie.
    {HUGs} Love Ya! 🙂

  6. Britta ~ justAgirl
    Britta ~ justAgirl says:

    Hello friendly voice from the Web! I am a relatively new follower – just started last year and did not know about your struggle with depression. What a wonderful opportunity you have now to give others hope! I am interested to hear where you are going in your journey from here, so thanks for sharing your joy and pain.

    I am trying to balance blogging and homeschooling with some new speaking opportunities…trying to figure out how to turn a Bible study I am writing to an eBook. Our homeschooling is working well for us – we are a military family and it has been our only constant over the past 3 years (we have been in 3 states in 3 years – but we are settled,,,for now). I plan to continue it while we live here, and hope to transition to traditional school when my husband retires (after this tour of duty), God willing.

    May God bless you, as you put your heart into your writing!

  7. Kristy
    Kristy says:

    Hi! Still here!
    I haven’t written on my own blog in ages! I am about to graduate college for the first time, as a mom of three, homeschooling our littlest too. Life feels too busy.

    I long for a soul rest. Praying that when I finally finish school and all this studying, and ONLY have to work, my time will be what I want it to be.

    Congrats to your hubby on his new position!! So happy your family found a church that sounds like such a blessing.

  8. Michelle R.
    Michelle R. says:

    Good to see you writing again (=
    I agree… homeschooling makes a momma weary. I make changes every year in hopes to make it better for the kids and for me, but it’s just plain difficult. I went away for 3 days with my DH recently and realized I hadn’t had a break from the kids in quite some time. It was refreshing–I almost didn’t want to go back right away. I don’t think we will do the public school thing (DH says no), but believe me, some days I’m tempted! Hang in there! (=

    • Katie
      Katie says:

      Thanks, Michelle.
      It’s interesting you mentioned your husband’s resolve to homeschool. I think it is needed to have that “calling” or, at the least, a leaning toward homeschooling. It is hard, and every homeschooling momma I know is tired and has similar struggles as I. But, to not have a specific leaning or calling was a big missing piece for us. I really think calling makes all the difference.

  9. Sarah
    Sarah says:

    The part where you say, “The more I come out of the cloud, the more I see how bad it really was.” really resonates with me. I recently told my testimony at church over the Easter weekend and until I heard the testimony from the other side of the screen i never really saw the impact of how deep the sin was. So thankful for his grace, his love and his rescue!

  10. Tereasa
    Tereasa says:

    Katie, It was good to read about your recent happenings. Our lives seem to be on similar paths. We moved from Canada to Pennsylvania in December, where my husband is now ministering in a small church.

    We stopped homeschooling at the same time. It was not an easy decision, since we had been homeschooling for seven years. It was a good one, though. There are times when I miss it and want to bring my babies back home, like when they repeat annoying or disrespectful things they’ve learned at school. I just have to remember why we made this decision and trust that God is watching over our children.

    It’s good to read about the positive changes you are making. I can tell you are very happy!

  11. Jamie S. Harper
    Jamie S. Harper says:

    So glad I caught up on your journey just now. It is encouraging. I hope our paths continue to cross at blog events. Glad to know you online.


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