This is an edited repost from the Do Not Depart 2010 archives. I am in need of this reminder.

There is a sermon that has stuck with me. It has been a part of the bombardment that the Lord has had on our finances (which you can read about herehere and here). In this sermon is a few great reminders:

Compassion is not seeing a need and feeling sorry.
We see a commercial, or hear statistics of how rich we are, and how poor the rest of the world is. So we give. We scrape our pennies from out of the couch cushions, or we give a few dollars to buy rice for the bloated-bellied children. And then our conscience is appeased. And we forget. I forget. This is not the biblical portrait of compassion.
There is a world in desperate need of compassion.
I should not be content to live in wealth while others die of starvation. Others with malnourished bodies; souls in need of life. Many of them are without Christ and will be eternally separated from Him if they do not encounter His love. They need to be rescued. I am part of the rescue team. We are the vehicle in which God has chosen to bring His Gospel of love to the world. We are to be the way that Christ shows His compassion to the poor and hurting.Compassion involves sacrifice.
For me, the bombardment continues, as I received this tweet from @Spurgeon_ just yesterday: “God save us from living in comfort while sinners are sinking into hell”. But, am I willing to sacrifice? Jesus sacrificed everything so that we could be saved. We must sacrifice to bring the message of this good news to the world.

What do you think bringing compassion to the poor and hungry look like? What are some ways you show compassion to the lost as a family?

Stay tuned for one way we show compassion as a family. I would love to hear your ideas also!
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