Just this year I have started memorizing scripture with the kids. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much the kids are remembering, despite my scattered efforts. Here is Kenneth sharing some of what he has learned (he is also learning some verses at church, so this is a sampling of what he remembers).


Here are two easy ways we have introduced Scripture memory to our kids:

My ABC Bible Verses by Susan Hunt
This is one of my favorite books we have been using for our afternoon “Bible class”. The stories are great, and very practical. I love how she teaches scriptural truths like the role of the Holy Spirit in our lives, as well as hitting on some common issues like arguing, disobedience and honoring your father and mother.

Each story is centered around a verse, of which starts with a letter of the alphabet. For example, “A” is “A soft answer turns away wrath” Proverbs 15:1. This makes it memorable for the kids, with just the letter prompt, they can spout out the verse.

Seeds Family Worship

This is a fun, easy way to help your kids memorize scripture. We have three of these CDs and the kids love them. We love to listen to them in the car. My favorite part? They are not cheesy songs. (A momma can only take so much…) The Seeds Family Worship website is great, and they even have some of their songs that you can listen to from the site (which is great for the budget!) Some of the songs are also on their YouTube channel. Another REALLY cool thing about the Seeds CDs, when you buy one, you get two CDs. The second one is to share!
This is a similar challenge to the Essentials of Philippians, hosted by Do Not Depart. You could easily memorize a bulk of Scripture, just by listening to the songs, and putting some effort towards attaching the reference to your memory of the song. 

Take the Challenge

This is one way to join in Hiding His Word, a challenge to make Scripture memory a life-long habit. What a great way to train up our children in the way they should go! (Proverbs 22:6) 

Are your kids memorizing Scripture? There is a Hiding His Word link-up which is open until the end of the month. Come and share your videos!

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  1. Shawntele
    Shawntele says:

    Kenneth is adorable Katie, it seems like just yesterday my little man was that size…sigh.

    I realized tonight that I have unintentionally been Hiding the Word with my kids. My 10 year old daughter recited Philippians 1:1 – 17 tonight needing only one prompt – she has learned just from quizzing me while I practice!

    I am encouraged to press on. :O)

  2. @AFthfulJrney
    @AFthfulJrney says:

    My daughter just turned 4 on the 16th and I have been thinking, for some time, that I should really start introducing Scripture memorization to her, but honestly, didn't know how to start. What would be the easiest, most effective, way? Thank you for these ideas as they sound like they will be extremely helpful!

  3. Katie Orr
    Katie Orr says:

    Repetition is key. Just pick a plan, whether you use the My ABC Bible Verses, a Seeds CD, or something else. Just pick something. Then pick a time during the day that you will review. Mealtimes are a good choice. I have heard of others who have a box of cards out at the dinner table, and they review together as a family. Love this idea. Or, it could be first thing in the morning. There is no perfect way to do it, just pick a plan, pick a time, and repeat, repeat, repeat!

  4. Meggen
    Meggen says:

    A friend recently gave my children one of the Songs for Saplings CDs (www.songsforsaplings.com). This is a family who has put memory verses to music. It is repetitive and a great way for my 4 year to begin memorizing verses. More depth can be applied by using the verses sung as a dump off for devotion time.

    • Katie
      Katie says:

      Thanks Meggen. I have heard of Songs for Saplings, but I hadn’t heard any review of them. Repetition is key!


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