You all have asked, so I’m going to make this happen! You now have the ability to GIFT a copy of Everyday Hope to someone who cannot afford it. The online study of Everyday Hope is around the corner and with every group session, there are many who are unable to participate due to finances. I’m praying this will help.

How does this work?

  • From now through November 8th, I will be accepting orders for signed gift copies of Everyday Hope.
  • Gift packets are $15, which will include the signed book, a FOCUS bookmark, and shipping costs.
  • Once gift copies have been purchased, I will post a form on November 15th, for those in need to apply for a gift copy.
  • Application form will close November 18th.
  • Packets will be shipped on November 21st.
  • Both the donors and recipients will remain anonymous.
  • Everyday Hope online study begins November 27th.
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