Free Bible Study!

Looking for a Bible study for this fall? We launched Abiding Fruit yesterday, over at Do Not Depart. Anyone is welcome to join in! There is a five-day study guide to follow (which you can download here) and we will be posting on Mondays at Do Not Depart on the passage we’ve studied that week. Hope you will join us!

Wisdom for Motherhood

I’m over at The MOB Society today, looking at how to find wisdom in the daily choices of parenting.

The Bible is clear about many things regarding how we parent, yet there are plenty of grey areas which remain.

God has a unique plan for each of us and every one of our boys. So when the lines are blurry and we don’t know what to do it can be paralyzing…

Read the rest here.

Ten Verses

Thank you all for joining in on the party, celebrating the release of Savoring Living Water! The winners of the giveaways have been notified. We already have enough to fund 10 verses for the Vidunda people! 10 down. 94 to go! (Remember our crazy big goal?)

If you would like to give directly to this project, you can do that here. You can give a translated verse to the Vidunda people for $26!

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