We have been on a great groove with reading together lately. Everyone is finally old enough to sit still and listen! At bedtime the older two and I are enjoying Farmer Boy. We read a chapter most nights and then briefly discuss what stood out to us about the chapter. 

We read Little House in the Big Woods last summer and we are looking forward to completing the entire Little House series…one day!

Six-Year-Old Book Picks

Great Books for First GradersBooks for First GradeI took Kenneth to the Book Fair at school a few weeks ago, and we picked up the book Pete the Cat: I Love My White Shoes.

The entire family has loved it so much, we went ahead and ordered Pete the Cat: Rocking in My School Shoes last week, and it is just as cute!

(By the way, we LOVE our Amazon Prime account. Items ordered are shipped for FREE, and very quickly! We live a good 25 minutes away from a mall, Target, bookstores, Best Buy, etc., and many items are actually cheaper on Amazon anyway. We use our account almost weekly to purchase items we cannot get in town—and that is one less errand we have to run!)

Great Toddler Board Books

These are my almost-two-year-old’s favorite books lately:

Great Toddler Board BooksGreat Toddler Board BooksI Love You Through and Through is fun to read, snuggle, and tickle through.

I adore Big Red Barn. There are so many details in the illustrations to pay attention to. We like to follow the butterfly through the first part of the story. We also like to add barnyard noises for each animal.

I think I found Go to Bed, Fred when we lived in Atlanta. Pretty sure I got it in a thrift shop, in new condition! Michael loves this book. It is a fun, quick read with cute rhymes and fun pictures. Looks like it is out of print, but there are used copies for about $4 on Amazon.

Favorite Post From Last Week

Loved this post from Sarah Mae:

“Everyone’s children yell. Everyone’s children have conflict. Everyone’s children spill milk, pee in their bed, and ask a million questions when your head is about to explode. And sometimes, you do explode.

Cut yourself some slack, mama.

You are normal. You are kind of a mess (but not all mess). You are not alone.”

via Stretching into Blue.

What books or blogs have you been enjoying lately? 
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  1. Jan
    Jan says:

    Oh my gosh! The Pete books are AMAZING! My son is only 2-years-old and loves them! He requests them every day and knows the books by heart. They are such a fun read. There is a new Pete book coming out in May (I think) that you can pre-order now on Amazon. I also love their website.

  2. Christa
    Christa says:

    We have “I love you through and through” and it was our favorite to read when Kelly was little. I can’t wait until Kallen is old enough for it. I will have to check out the Pete books and the Big Red Barn. Thanks for the info. Also, I loved the favorite post you added. That hit the spot!

  3. Genie Cowden
    Genie Cowden says:

    So glad to know that you are reading Farmer Boy! Remember it well from my childhood, but these days not many folks seem to have heard of Lois Lenski or her wonderful books.


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